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Training & Adjustment Sessions

Brushing up on etiquette

Would you like to fine-tune some of your pet's behaviours to mould them into the perfect citizen? We nurture the pet-owner relationship whilst developing your pet's behavioural skills to meet your expectations.

Single session

Basic training & practical support   1hr   £105

Who is this package for?

Owners looking for training or behaviour support with their cat or dog. Targeted behaviours may currently cause a nuisance, or cause frustration in the pet-owner relationship. We provide support, focusing on your frustrations and equipping you with kind, effective and practical tools to rebuild the relationship with your pet as well as moulding their behaviour. 

What is included in this package?

  • 1 hour session (in-person/Zoom)

  • Equipment & resource advice

Example training needs:

  • Minor cat-cat conflict

  • Minor dog-dog conflict

  • Kitten excitability

  • Lead-walking & pulling

  • Excitability and puppy problems

  • Improving response to owner

  • Minor behaviour problems in cats

  • Teaching to be relaxed wearing a muzzle

  • Teaching to allow grooming/vet visits

  • Teaching to wear a harness

Is follow-up support included?

  • Training handouts

  • Behaviour handouts

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