You need a full behaviour consultation

This involves diagnosis & a treatment plan for the problem

You've lived with an established behaviour problem requiring diagnosis and treatment; that's no easy feat. Let me take the reins and help you both. I will diagnose the emotion behind your pet's behaviour, and tailor a plan to address the root of the problem. This is where we can unpick your pet's brain to see what's going wrong.





Dogs are a social species, with their owners an important part of their lives. When they exhibit undesirable behaviours, this can be stressful for you both.  Let me support you with a plan to address the issue & strengthen your bond.

Common problems:

  • Aggression 

  • Separation Problems

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Impulse-control problems

  • Resource guarding

  • House soiling

Cats have co-evolved with us very differently to dogs, and remain solitary hunters at heart. Behaviour interventions are based on their needs. You may be surprised at how much minor interventions can improve a behaviour problem in feline friends. Common problems:

  • House Soiling & Marking

  • Conflict with cats in the garden

  • Aggression

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Destruction

  • Impulse-control problems

Homes with multiple species house two different animals with a completely separate set of evolutionary, social, and physical needs. This can lead to unique conflicts in the home where they have different expectations of one another. Common problems:

  • Same-species Aggression

  • Cross-species Aggression (dog/cat)

  • Territorial behaviours 

  • Conflict over resources 

  • Conflict over owner attention

  • Stress-related behaviours

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Packages & Prices

Plans to suit your pet's very individual needs

Consult & Plan



What's included in the Essential package?

  • A safety & quality of life Risk Assessment

  • Emergency advice following initial contact

  • Liason with client's vets and other parties

  • A full 2-3hr Consultation in-person/via Zoom

  • A detailed Behaviour Modification Plan 

  • An outline of relevant pet-related law

  • Advice sheets for implementing the plan

  • 1 x 45min follow-up session (Zoom)

  • 1 month email support

The essential package is aimed to for those looking to kickstart their pet's journey back to equilibrium, with options to add more support later. Please note follow-up and practical sessions should be taken within the timeframe of email support that your chosen package provides.

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Essential plan & Follow-up



What's included in the Supported package?

  • Initial Consultation & full Behaviour Plan

  • Two 45min virtual follow-up sessions

  • Two months' of email behaviour support

  • One 60-minute practical session (or Zoom)

Your pet will benefit from the Supported package by giving us the opportunity to tweak elements of the plan later on, and gauging what works best. Anxiety-related or frustrated behaviours benefit from this. Please note follow-up and practical sessions should be taken within the timeframe of email support that your chosen package provides.

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Supported plan & Extra



What's included in the Comprensive package?

  • Initial Consultation & full Behaviour Plan

  • Three 45min virtual follow-up sessions

  • Three months' of email behaviour support

  • Two 60-minute practical demonstrations (or Zoom)

Would you like the peace of mind that we can work on milestones together and ongoing support whilst you work through your pet's behaviour? If so, then the comprehensive plan is for you. Best for pets exhibiting aggression and owners who want ongoing guidance. Please note follow-up and practical sessions should be taken within the timeframe of email support that your chosen package provides.

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Additional follow-up


What's included in the Bolt-On?

  • Follow-up packages are tailored to your needs

  • 30-minute virtual support sessions

  • Ongoing email behaviour support

  • 60-minute practical demonstrations

Tailored bolt-ons work nicely to help you build your own package ad lib depending on your pet. You may need further support later down the line than expected, or seek additional guidance on the behaviour plan when your pet arrives at a different life stage, or if your circumstances change.

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