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What happens in Behaviour Consultation?

A referral from your vet is essential for me to rule out (or in) an underlying medical factor influencing your pet's behaviour, adn also ensures I've an open line of communication to liaise with your vet. This is important for if, after assessment, I recommend  behaviour medications - many vets will not prescribe these until a behaviourist has undertaken an assessment.

Your task is asking your vet to fill out a referral form for your pet on my website under "For Vets" tab, if not already completed.

Veterinary referral

Step 1


Info gathering & Scheduling

Step 2

I'll send you a link via email to my Pre-Consultation Questionnaire. Filling this out gives me an idea of the problem, what your pets needs are, and an overview of your household routine. This means I can tailor my support to your pet and your routine. 

After recieving both forms I'll offer an Initial Consultation slot and your invoice; sending payment guarantees your pet's date.  

Initial Consultation 

Step 3

The Initial Consultation is in-part an assessment to clarify the specific problem your pet faces, where I can observe your pet's reaction to myself and other things in their environment. For this section we'll sit down and discuss. After, I'll explain my assessment, and explain the treatment plan I recommend. Here we can practice some of these interventions together.

The Initial Consultation takes place at your home (unless we've agreed something different), and usually takes around 2 hours. For cases where we may need to go on a walk to observe/practice behaviour, or if your pet has a particularly complex case, this session can take a maximum of three hours. Please ensure you're able to put aside 3 hours for this Initial Session.


Behaviour Modification Plan

Step 4

Over the next week or so (latest 10 days after your Initial Consultation) you'll recieve a tailored, step-by-step Behaviour Modification Plan compiling all of my recommendations and training plans. Links to products I've used or suggested, and demonstration videos you can refer back to are included. Specific information about legislation/safety advice is provided where relevant. The plan is sent via email, which also lays out a schedule for remaining follow-up sessions in your chosen package. These are scheduled to start 2 weeks after you recieve the plan, allowing implementation time before we regroup.  

Follow-Up Support

Step 5

All behaviour packages with Pets Explained provide follow-up sessions as well as at least one month of Email support & one Zoom session to discuss how your pet's behaviour responds to their plan. The Supported and Comprehensive packages include more follow-up, in-person support, behaviour diaries and analysis of these to monitor your pet's progress.

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