Do you require a full behaviour consultation?
These steps outline this simple process.

You're interested in a behaviour consultation with Pets Explained, fantastic! Let's get the ball rolling. First is the Veterinary referral. This is essential to a behaviour consultation. Veterinary referral rules out an underlying medical problem which may influence your pet's behaviour, and this is more common than you may think. Take your pet(s) for a veterinary check up and ask your vet for a referral to Pets Explained which gives me the green light to work with you both. See Vet Info section for a referral application form for your vet to fill out. If your vet has sent you in our direction, then this step is completed!

A trip to the vet

Step 1

Initial consultation 

Step 2

Next, you'll fill out a pre-consultation quesitonnaire about your pet's life, routine & behaviour, including which package you're interested in. After this is submitted, I will get in touch to arrange an initial consultation in your home or on Zoom. Here, we talk throuh the behaviour in detail, and factors that may impact it. This is where I get a true feel of the problem and motivations behind what you see. I  then formulate a behavioural diagnosis & plan applicable to your pet's unique situation that works with your routine, which I demonstrate if appropriate.


Step 3

Treatment plan 

Over the next 7-10 days, you will receive a tailored, step-by-step treatment plan to address the root cause of your pet's behaviour problem. This will list the behavioural diagnosis, & be incredibly detailed, focusing on your specific circumstances and how you can implement training in your home and orutine. Risk assessments for potential legal or safety concerns will also be outlined. Handouts to support the plan will be provided via links.

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Step 4

Follow-up support

All behavioural consultations include follow-up contact with your vet with a copy of the behaviour plan. All consultation packages also include Follow-Up support including email support, 45min Zoom sessions, or up to 2 practical Follow-Up sessions. Such Follow-Up support & sessions can also be purchased separately for an additional fee.