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  • Will my Pet Insurance pay out for Pets Explained services?
    The short answer is likely yes, provided your insurer covers behaviour problems! Contact your policy provider to check before booking. Things to consider: Behaviour Consultation package fees are claimable, but training or one-off sessions are not routinely covered by insurers As an accredited Clinical Animal Behaviourist (APBC), I'm recognised by insurers as a per behaviour professional Upfront payment is required to book in with Pets Explained. Please note insurers mainly pay out claims after the package has ended, or after the assessment session (policy providers may vary) Additional travel fees for distant clients are not routinely claimable by your insurer
  • What's the difference between a trainer and a Clinical Animal Behaviourist?
    Whilst dog trainers work to teach dogs new or more appropriate behaviours, Clinical Animal Behaviourists (CABs) are qualified to manage serious or concerning behaviour problems, where an underlying emotion or state - such as fear, anxiety or over-stimulation - is interlinked. Training alone is unlikely to work in these cases. CABs have at least an undergraduate degree in behaviour, equipping them to fully grasp pet psychology and how to alter your pet's thought processes to target the root of the problem. We also work in liaison with your referring vet, providing full support. Accreditation ensures CABs only use methods which are effective, rooted in up-to-date science, and which safeguard your pet's welfare whilst strengthening the owner-pet bond. No aversive methods or shock collars over here. Both behaviourists and trainers have their place in your pets welfare - you may need different professionals at different stages in your pet's life. If you aren't sure whether you require a behaviour consultation or training, get in touch and ask!
  • Do I need a referral from my vet for Pets Explained services?
    Yes, if you are seeking a behaviour consultation. To get referral, ask your vet to fill out the form on the 'For Vets' page. No, if you're looking for help with training, obedience, or a non-concerning behaviour for your current or prospective pet.
  • What happens in a behaviour consultation?
    See the Behaviour Consultation page for further information.
  • Can you guarantee my pet's behaviour will resolve?
    It is not possible or ethical for any pet professional to make this guarantee. Complete resolution of your pet's behaviour depends on many factors outside of my control; my job is not to fix your pet, but to give you the tools to work toward long-lasting success. I haven't yet seen a case where the behaviour could not be improved at all - most clients report a significant behavioural improvement before or by the end of their package (see my reviews on google!). Keep in mind many factors affect your pet's success, such as: pet health, owner time commitment to training, household setup and location, training consistency between owners/dog professionals, and many more. In my experience, the more open you are to making changes to your routine/providing your pet with different options in certian situations (i.e. a dog 'den', or a cat flap), the more likely you are to see improvements or total resolution of problems.
  • Are there any Hidden Fees?
    Not hidden, no! In some cases, extra fees may apply. Because I'm keen to support all pets in need (and because accredited behaviourists are few and far between), I may travel well outside of my local area for clients wanting in-person support. A Travel Fee may be incurred to cover the time taken for the round trip to your home and petrol fees. This is calculated on a case-by-case basis for clients outside of my local area (see 5.6 on my Terms & Conditions for postcodes not incurring this fee). A Parking Fee may also be incurred. This is if your home location: has no free parking nearby cannot provide a visitor permit does not have driveway space for parking The parking fee is calculated using RingGo rates (for on-street parking) and considering the time and number of in-person sessions in your package. If on-street parking is not available at all, the fee is calculated using rates of your nearest car park.
  • Will you still hold consultations if my pet is aggressive?
    Absolutely. In fact, these are the pets are most in need of my help. I may request some changes to the setup for my arrival, for example shutting your dog in the garden briefly when I enter if aggressive to strangers, but such behaviour is not a barrier to support.
  • If I have more than 1 pet in my household, do consultations cost more?
    Not necessarily. If you select a package designed for multi-pet support (i.e. Feline Friends), the price of the package will not change. If the package isn't specified for multi-pet support, but your behaviour concern involves two or more pets, the price may increase slightly to account for the extra time assessing vet reports and writing a plan to support more than one pet. If you are unsure, contact me to discuss your specific circumstances.
  • What training or behaviour modification methods do you use?
    Firstly, well done - you're asking the right questions. There are many techniques different owners or professionals use, and can be found online, making it really hard for owners to identify the best course of action. Having published research myself, I favour methods that science can vouch for - to protect your pet's (and your own) wellbeing, as well as being effective in improving their behaviour. No shock collars over here. My behaviour plans are creative; thinking outside the box to get you and your pet operating as a solid team.
  • There are so many acronyms in the dog industry... I'm confused!
    You're absolutely right, it can be very frustrating! I'm accredited to the highest standards (academic & experience-based) in the pet behaviour industry. See my Understanding Accreditation page to tease apart what you should look for when seeking top-knotch, high-welfare support. Pet insurers only pay out claims for dog behaviour professionals who are accredited to high standards. Registered with the APBC, my certifications are accepted for insurance claims - providing behaviour support is included in your policy.
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