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Pre-Pet Packages

You want to be prepared for your new furry friend

These sessions are for anyone looking to acquire a pet, but would like some expert advice before diving in. You're my favourite type of owners (to-be); preparation and planning truly sets you up for succes.

Getting a young pet can be a minefield, with a lack of regulation and unscruptulous breeding meaning you may accidentally get an unhealthy pet, either behaviourally or medically. My thorough knowledge of common pitfalls (experience of relinquished puppies & kittens within rescue), specific breed traits, the animal industry, and laws and regulations around breeding and selling animals is key to supporting you make a fully informed decision, and knowing what questions to put to whom.

Finding the perfect fit

Puppy & Kitten prep

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£90 - 1 hour online 

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Which rescue to turn to

Getting a rescue pet

You want a rescue pet, but where do you start? What are the different types of rescue, what are their processes like, and which are likely to have 'your kind' of pet? With an extensive background in rescue,  knowledge of the processes and animal types available at different organisations, I'm in a perfect position to walk you through this process. We'll talk through what to expect behaviourally, settling times, and preparing to set your new rescue family member up for success.

£90 - 1 hour online 

Introducing new pets

Building bonds & avoiding trouble

Whether you're introducing cats to dogs, or two of the same species, you need a plan to do so safely and successfully. It's important for both animals to avoid any distress during the introduction process which can affect their relationship later. This session discusses which sort of companion may be best for your current pet, and how to go about introducing them.

£90 - 1 hour online 

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