Terms & Conditions of Business

By making a booking with Pets Explained you acknowledge that you have read, understood & fully accept the terms & conditions as detailed below:

Behaviour Guarantees

1.1 It is not possible to guarantee that an undesirable behaviour will be completely eradicated after behaviour consultation or behaviour modification treatment. This is similar to psychotherapy in humans; it is not possible to guarantee a permanent behaviour change, as the outcome will depend on many variables. 1.2 Pets Explained will provide a Behaviour Modification Programme uniquely tailored to your pet, your household, and your routine to ensure the most appropriate advice is available. However, the implementation of the Behaviour Modification Plan is the responsibility of the owner(s). Success is directly related to the amount of time devoted to behaviour modification by the owner(s), consistency in behaviour modification approach between family members, the ability of the environment to support your pet, and your pet’s physical health and condition. 1.3 The responsibility for the pet’s welfare and behaviour remains with the client. 1.4 In some cases, a pet may not be suitable to remain in its current home. In this event, the situation will be discussed honestly with the client. The decision to rehome the animal lies solely with the owner. Pets Explained can advise on the rehoming process if asked to do so by an owner.

Safety & Equipment

3.1 If Pets Explained deems necessary, clients may be asked to place their pet securely in another room prior to or during a consultation in a client’s home. All instructions during face-to-face consultations must be followed to ensure the safety of all parties. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the consultation without a reimbursement of payment. 3.2 Pets Explained takes all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of clients and their pets. However, undertaking activities with pets may present a risk of injury to owners, pedestrians, pets and wildlife and the client accepts responsibility for their pet's behaviour throughout the consultation process when booking. Pets Explained does not accept liability for any loss, damage, injury or illness to pets, other animals, handlers, spectators, members of the public or owners of property. 3.3 By booking a session with Pets Explained you accept that participating in the training and behaviour modification of your pet’s behaviour may pose a risk of injury to yourself and your pet. You also accept responsibility for ensuring that any other parties accompanying you to a consultation are aware that they do so at their own risk. 3.4 You accept that Pets Explained will not take responsibility for any accidental damage to property owned by yourself, or your pet, and for damage to property of Pets Explained you may be asked to replace or fully compensate this damage. 3.5 In the unlikely event of an accident or injury during a practical session, clients should immediately report this to Pets Explained in order to apply best practice safety protocols. 3.6 Clients must inform Pets Explained if their pet is known to exhibit behavioural problems that could cause damage or injury to themselves or others prior to behaviour consultation. 3.7 Clients agree to inform Pets Explained prior to the consultation if they believe they or their pet may reasonably transmit a zoonotic disease or parasite (such as giardia, COVID-19, or worms) within a consult. This does not necessarily mean the consult will not go ahead. 3.8 Treats and toys are brought to consultations by Pets Explained to explore your pet’s motivations. It is the responsibility of the client to inform Pets Explained if their pet has an aversion to or problem (such as guarding or stomach upsets) surrounding any foods or toys. This ensures safety of all within the consultation. 3.9 Pets Explained accepts no liability in the event you suffer a loss due to inaccurate information provided to Pets Explained relating to your pet or if you fail to implement Pets Explained recommendations.


8.1 The Pets Explained logo is a trademark of Pets Explained. You are not permitted to use the Pets Explained trade mark without prior agreement.

Consultation Process

2.1 The provision of your pet’s medical notes and agreement from your pet’s Veterinary Surgeon for your animal to be seen by Pets Explained are prerequisites to the behaviour consultation process. This both rules out medical problems impacting your pet’s behaviour, and aligns with the code of conduct for Clinical Animal Behaviourists set out by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour – see here for further details. 2.2 Pets Explained is not able to discuss specific behaviour medications with clients. Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1996 (1980) these can only be discussed with your Veterinary Surgeon. 2.3 Prior to consultation, Pets Explained will send prospective clients a link via email to a Pre-Consultation Questionnaire. This must be submitted in full before a consultation date is discussed. See the Pets Explained Privacy Policy for how information collected is processed. 2.4 Initial Consultations – included in all support packages – often take between 2-3 hours to complete. Clients are responsible for ensuring 3 hours are available for this session. 2.5 Full Behaviour Modification Plans will be sent via email to clients up to 10 days following their Initial Consultations. 2.6 For clients purchasing packages, integrated Follow-Up sessions should be scheduled as soon as possible after you receive the Behaviour Modification Plan (BMP). Alongside the BMP, you will receive a suggested schedule for your follow-up sessions which is in line with Pets Explained availability at the time the email is sent. The suggested date and time of follow-up sessions are not guaranteed until you have responded to the email and subsequently receive confirmation of these dates/times via email from Pets Explained. 2.7 Follow-up sessions included in packages should be booked within the time period of email support that comes with the selected package. It is the client’s responsibility to confirm and attend follow-up sessions within this timeframe. If a client fails to attend and/or confirm these sessions within the email support period of the package, Pets Explained reserves the right to terminate the package without reimbursement. 2.8 Follow-up sessions booked separately from packages are available only to clients who have already purchased and undertaken a behaviour consultation package from Pets Explained. 2.9 Zoom or virtual consultations are not transferrable to practical (face to face) sessions. 2.10 Pets Explained recommends all family members are present for the Initial Consultation and Follow-Up sessions, and minors must be supervised by adults at all times. 2.11 Pets Explained may provide general advice relating to pet products or toys and may provide links to examples of specific products. Such examples are not brand endorsements by Pets Explained and we accept no liability with regard to such products nor the content on the website that Pets Explained provides a link to. Pets Explained will try within reason to ensure that products and external websites clients are directed to contain accurate, reliable and appropriate information. However, clients are solely responsible for reviewing costs, safety information, and examining any usage directions from a product’s manufacturer or seeking advice from a veterinary surgeon where this may be unclear. 2.12 Pets Explained has a relationship with Tug-E-Nuff and are provided with their products for demonstrations. Where they may be recommended for specific dogs, recommendations are based purely on behavioural suitability where specific products are reasonably expected to benefit the individual’s behaviour plan. Clients are solely responsible for costs, safety information, and usage directions from a product’s manufacturer or a veterinary surgeon.


4.1 Bookings will only be confirmed once payment has been received in full (if paying via BACS). Bookings should only be considered confirmed after payment has been received, agreed in writing via email from info@pets-explained.co.uk, and a date, time, and location has been agreed. If you have liaised about a booking via telephone or WhatsApp, it should be considered confirmed once you receive email confirmation for the booking from Pets Explained. 4.2 If a date for a booking is discussed with Pets Explained prior to recieving payment in full, this booking slot will be held open for 24 hours from the time an invoice is sent to the client via email. If payment is not received from the client 24 hours after an invoice is delivered, this date is no longer guaranteed and is subject to Pets Explained availability. 4.3 It is your responsibility to ensure your attendance on the date, time, and location agreed with Pets Explained for session(s). If you are not able to attend, you will inform Pets Explained via WhatsApp or email in a timely manner. Also see ‘Cancellations’ below.

Privacy Policy

9.1 Your personal information will only be collected, processed, and kept confidentially within the General Data Protection Regulations in the UK. Pets Explained will only use your personal information for the purposes of behaviour consultation and training. 9.2 By booking behaviour consultations with Pets Explained, you agree for the Behaviour Modification Plan and follow-up Update PDFs provided to be shared with your veterinary surgeon for the purposes of working within a vet-led team, ensuring your pet’s welfare. You also consent to Pets Explained discussing your pet’s behaviour and other information relevant to behaviour consultation with your veterinary surgeon and/or practice staff verbally or in writing at any time during the duration of the package. 9.3 Pets Explained reserves the right to use photos and/or videos of your pet to share on Pets Explained social media channels if an agreement has been made in writing over email.

Pricing & Payment

5.1 Payment will be requested in full at the point of booking in order to confirm your slot. Payment can be made by BACS transfer or cash (for face to face sessions only). Payment details will be provided via email once a session is arranged and confirmed by Pets Explained. 5.2 Payment in full must be made prior to your booking being confirmed by Pets Explaiend (if paying via BACS). If paying via cash for a practical, payment is due at the time of your session. 5.3 The price advertised on www.pets-explained.co.uk at the time of booking applies, unless multiple pets in the household require behaviour consultation, in which case see 5.4. 5.4 Where a Behaviour Modification Plan requires inclusion of more than one pet, or more than one pet would require an individual Behaviour Modification Plan, there will be a surcharge to the cost of the selected package for the extra hours these additions will require. 5.5 If you require an in-person session further than 5 miles away from Pets Explained, you agree to cover the cost of petrol at a charge of 40p per mile. 5.6 If you require an in-person session and free parking is not available near your residence or choice of meeting location, you agree to cover the cost of parking for Pets Explained for the duration of your session.


6.1 Cancellations made 48-25 hours prior to the session are subject to a charge of 50% of the cost of the session and/or package purchased. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the session are subject to a charge of 100% of the cost of the session and/or package purchased. 6.2 Cancellation charges may be waived if Pets Explained deems the cancellation to be owing to an exceptional and unavoidable circumstance. 6.3 Postponements of face to face sessions due to poor weather which will impact the quality of practical demonstration, or may impact the welfare of the pet are not chargeable and will be rearranged at a time agreed by the client and Pets Explained. Such face to face sessions may also be replaced with a Zoom or virtual session if an in-person session is not possible. 6.4 Any cancellations, lateness, or postponements made by Pets Explained will not be charged for, and clients will be informed via WhatsApp or email as soon as possible. Sessions will be rescheduled at the first available opportunity. 6.5 You have a statutory right to withdraw from an agreement or contract within a 14-day period without penalty. However, you will be charged for any services you benefit from between the time your booking is confirmed and when you decide to withdraw, if within 14 days.


7.1 In the unlikely event you are unsatisfied with Pets Explained services, contact us on info@pets-explained.co.uk as soon as reasonably possible, outlining your concern. 7.2 Pets Explained shall endeavour to resolve the problem where reasonable and possible.

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